Friday, 17 June 2011

Karibu Kenya

So after a crazy few weeks amongst all the madness, and lots of emotional goodbyes it reached the time for me to leave England and begin my journey to Kenya!
The journey was a little interesting! It all began with my luggage nearly being lost at the airport, my name being announced to tell me they may have lost my luggage, thankfully they found it and I just had to go and ifentify it! Was sure a close one with nothing to live off for the next 6 months would have been very challenging! So I board my flight with being held up for an hour and a half to be told that there is a fault with the plane, luckily it was just a technical fault and was soon fixed and i was on my way. Goodbye England!
The flight was really long with lots of families and young children screaming all night, the flight was very Kenyan orinatated to get in the theme which was nice. After a long flight and arriving later than scheduled to Nairobi airport I was then meet and the journey to the resort began!What was meant to be a very short journey was a 2 hour journey due to the traffic and congestion at this time, the busyness and crazy driving made me feel like I never left! To my great fear there was a surprise in store with many BIG BIRDS!! The biggest birds I have ever seen there was lots of them everywhere flying so low, even though i was in a car i was still ducking for shelter! No chance of escaping birds after all!

I soon arrived and was shown around Brakenhurst where I am staying, and all the companies are ran from for whom I will be working for. I am staying in the volunteer house which is full of lots of different volunteers from all over the world for one of the programs I will be working with, who are doing a mixture of the programs available.
I was soon briefed with whats in store for me and what I shall be doing over the next few months and all that is to come which all seems very exciting! Although some crazy things I maybe required to do like drive here! eeek I don't know how prepared I am for this just yet!
I am going to be visiting a number of projects over the next week or so to see what work they do and how they operate etc.

Today I went to a program called Angels run through A.C.T.S (one of the companies, more mission and christian orientated) Angels is a program that looks after abandoned and mistreated young babies that are homed and brought up until they are adopted, the program is not a childerns home. Due to Kenyan laws baby of such an age are required to be brought up in a family upbringing so will be adopted as soon as there is interest in the child after following procedures. At the home at the moment there is  young children the oldest being 3 years and the rest under 1 years old. The stories of some of the babies are heart breaking including being abandoned in the street and left for dead or on people's door stops are just some of the cases they come across. 
One of the baby's callled Martin is a story of a miracle due to surviving an abortion, just incredible he is alive! Another one of the babies has HIV and is really poorly, was so sad trying to feed him and seeing how poorly he really was. It is usually not allowed for children carrying HIV to be allowed in a home with healthy children, they usually have to be sectioned to live with other children of the same condition which is not a necessity, children carrying HIV or any kind of diseases struggle to be adopted they are often unwanted.
The babies are really under developed and at a slow growth rate for their agr, Peter aged 3 is not able to talk, just one of the cases.
These babies really need love, adoption gives them a chance of a life they have not been able to have. They were brought into this world unwanted but there is hope that this can change, nethertheless its not an easy thinng to experience and see as you can see so much need and so many more changes that need to happen, but its a start.
Later today went to a market which was crazy full of kenyans trying to get you to buy, saying they know you, why wont you buy etc! Was an experience.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you got there safely, even though there were a few hiccups on the way. I am in tears after reading about the childrens home. It is heartbreaking to see. It's just so awful. I will be praying for Peter and Martin that they will be adopted really soon with loving families who can show them that they are important and they matter and they are loved so much. It just absolutely breaks my heart. Love you xxx

  2. I can hear you telling me all of this in my head! I am super excited you have a blog and I shall be reading it with beady eyes.

    I love you, and I am so pleased you arrived safe and sound. Missing you of course, but sounds like you are already straight in!

    Add some photos!
    Love you tons xxxxxxxx