Thursday, 24 November 2011

A time of change

I am seriously getting bad at keeping a record of this!

Since it has been a while since I last wrote; many things have happened over the course of the weeks, looking back there seems to be a theme of change! 

At work many things change as my boss went on maternity leave, so there was lots of change and hand over’s to be done in how things will be run, and what will be happening during the time she has gone. This meant adapting to new ways, which has been good and allowed me to get more involved in things! Things are a little busy at the moment get ready for the new program and the changes that are being made for next year. My role is becoming more fixed with now being here for longer I have a more defined role within the business and my involvement is increasing, which is good and I am enjoying it, although sometimes will be slow with the key phrase TIK 'This is Kenya!' but I am used to and adjusted to such ways. My boss had her baby 2 weeks ago and he is adorable so cute!

One of my friends here was far from God; they were really living in a life of sin, and life full of brokenness and pain, which was leading them into many devastating circumstances all of which was having consequences. For some time I had been helping them; I was talking with them about Jesus, the gospel and really opening their eyes to the way they were living and how they could have a life of freedom, joy, happiness, peace, unconditional love and so much more if they choose to, if they choose Jesus. 3 weeks ago they made that choice and they committed where they fully accepted and asked Jesus into their lives. This was an incredible moment seeing them make this commitment, and how far they had come to reaching this point, which was a battle at times and wasn't always easy but just incredible. I could see God's hand on them from the beginning, and how God was clearly working things out in their life and beginning the transformation. Since they made that commitment I have seen God completely transform them, they are a completely new person, their heart and desire has changed. Yes they have things to work through and they are not suddenly perfect, but they are a working progress and God is doing such a quick transformation which is immense. Being a part of their life; being used by God in their life and their journey is such a privilege, words can not sum up this truly can't give enough credit! Is truly amazing how God can break into a situation and someone's life and saves you from the life of destruction and gives you a life of hope. There is more than hope now, God is amazing!

I have really seen God at work in people's lives and changes happening. Some of the boys here really struggle; they struggle with their relationship with God, whether they believe etc and what really understanding their purpose in life. I bought them the book purpose driven life and 2 of the boys have just completed it and it has just transformed their out look on life and their way of thinking, and they now really know what their purpose in life really is. Knowing that they were created by God; for God and that they have a great purpose in life, bigger than they can imagine. Incredible how it has completely changed their way of thinking and you can really see it from the way they talk, and the things they now do. Amazing yet again how God has really worked through this!

Along with seeing other people's relationships developing and changing through God, I have also been experiencing God in new ways. Where I have been learning more than I would back home in my normal setting, where I would class my self as 'too busy' to spend time with God etc. Here my lifestyle has completely changed meaning most of my time is not spent with God which is a complete transformation to before. Its such a great change; I have had to become dependent more and more on God, relying on him in ways I never imagined, fully trusting him, and just being with him. Now I can't imagine not spending the amount of time I do with him, now I know what I was really missing out on. God has really shown and changed my perspective in many areas. 
My lifestyle change was something I found hard to adapt to to begin with, used to being so constantly busy with no time to myself then going to non busyness and so much free time on my hands, became difficult and such a big change for me to get used to. The culture here is also very slow and does things in a very different way and a very different pace which is also a change that i had to adapt to, but it is now something that seems normal to me!

Going with the theme of change I also dyed my hair and I’m no longer blonde!

Despite all the changes and busyness at work what else have I been doing amongst it all. There was a a random bank holiday here so I took a long weekend in Mombasa where I got to spend time with the boys we even headed to the beach which was actually my first time going to the beach since I have been in Kenya! Shocking I know! But it was good fun messing around and playing games! This weekend just gone was my last weekend with them as they will all be sent off to their relatives place now they have closed school until the new year, also being the Christmas season. We went out for lunch, and saying goodbye was surely one of the hardest things to do. The words they spoke to me really touched me, and reflecting on our time together. As hard as it was to say goodbye and leave them, I know this is not goodbye for long.

I now have less than a month left in Kenya; whereby I would like to make the most of it not sure what I have planned just yet. Although one of my great backpacking friends has just got back from India so I am looking forward to catching up with him!!
Thinking of the time I have left really saddens me. I don’t know how I am going too take or adjust going back to England, things being different and so many things have changed. I guess only time will tell, sometimes we need change to learn and grow. As one season ends, a new one begins. Where I am sure I will adjust to more change and learn new things as I settle back into English life!