Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Kenyan way!

 Just a quick update...

So thinking that I have now been here for 5 weeks is crazy but at the same time it feels like I have truly been here forever! The last few weeks has become more focused and getting to know what role I will have amongst the companies and within the projects that they run. I have still been going along to the projects but not as often and now in a different aspect to when I first came. Getting to know the project and the people involved in the project, with what the project has achieved and what it aims to achieve in the future. It has been my role to identify what a project is doing and what it can be doing in the future to become more sustainable, along with identifying and focusing on how the volunteer and project work together and what their role is. I am also going to be involved the running of new projects and how they are to raise the funds, how they will operate etc.

There has been some challenging issues with volunteers on project and their attitude to things with the tendency of a lot of volunteers simply coming to see what they can get out of a project rather than what they have come to give, which is the centre of the problem a lot of the time. Leaving in a house of 30 volunteers is also a little crazy but I will be hopefully moving out of the madness for a while soon as well as staying at my boss house to look after her puppies! (which look cute but are actual terrors!)

I have been learning a lot and my role is always changing and involved in different things, although sometimes when needing someone else to play their part so you can do yours can be difficult if they take so long to do it or forget which can be frustrating but it is the Kenyan way!

I have been to Mombasa twice which I loved being back and going to see everyone I have so missed. Surprising them all and seeing their faces was priceless soooo so great to be with them again despite all the travelling that was involved in such a short space of time and lack of sleep! Lots of interesting things happened along the way including running through the streets of Nairobi at night which is not advised in the daytime let alone at nightime no ‘mzungu’ should be there! So lots of stares and people shouting but finally managed to reach the bus. Staying in random places, experiencing interesting people including marriage proposals all rather fascinating, riding on motorbikes, lots random things! 

All I keep hearing from people is you are not a ‘normal mzungu’ your different to the rest!